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Energy therapy sessions for healing body,
mind and soul

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You were made to flow.



As an energy therapist, I take a holistic approach to healing, meeting my clients wherever they find themselves challenged, whether it's physically, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually.


I am a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. BBSH offers a four-year training program in the field of advanced energy healing techniques.

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Mike has helped me to lessen my anxiety.

I'm now more relaxed, and am able to deal with the problems and issues that life throws my way.

Christian H.


I went to Mike for a treatment a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling sad and out of sorts and the timing of the session was incredible... In his gentle, quiet manner, he helped me recognize the root of my sadness.

   I am now facing life with a more positive force and focus and I feel it has so much to do with his work. He is amazing.

Camille G.

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Mike Ralph is a very skilled healer. I believe he has a strong natural affinity for the work, which he has augmented with years of study and practice. He is focused, sensitive, present – and above all, committed to his clients‘ healing.

Jeff R.

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What is Energy Therapy?

Learn more about this holistically-based
healing approach.

Healing Sessions

Healing sessions are currently being offered
in-person or via phone/online.

The Benefits

Discover some of the positive effects of experiencing energy therapy work.

Matter is Spirit moving slowly enough to be seen.
pierre teilhard de chardin

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48 Hickson Street, Toronto, ON  M6K 1T3   (416) 888-1387

I look forward to connecting with you.


Get in Touch

48 Hickson Street, Toronto, ON  M6K 1T3

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