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Healing Sessions


Find your flow with energy therapy sessions for healing body, mind and soul.

potential BenEfits:


deep relaxation

Spending time on the healing table and experiencing a flow of energy can have a very profound effect on the body and the mind, allowing you to unwind and let go of stress, anxiety and physical tension.


greater sense of well-being

   Our busy lives often don't
leave time for much self-care. Energy therapy offers an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with yourself, allowing you to revitalize and recharge
your system.


finding your flow

Repeating negative patterns and beliefs in our lives can leave us feeling frustrated and stuck. Energy therapy work can help you release old stories, challenge self-defeating habits and find a sense of flow in your life.

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Healing sessions are one-hour long.


Sessions typically begin with a 10 minute check-in before moving into a 40 minute healing, where you will be comfortably seated or lying down. The final 10 minutes are devoted to discussing what transpired in the healing, as well as next steps.

One-hour sessions are $125.00.

Please note that energy therapy can be part of a comprehensive healing plan.
It is not a replacement for psychotherapeutic or modern medical treatments.

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