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What is Energy Therapy?

Energy therapy is a holistically-based approach to healing that utilizes the human energy field (HEF) or aura, and its major energy centres (chakras) as pathways to healing. Energy therapy views each human being as multi-dimensional, with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels or layers.

During a healing, clients remain fully-clothed and lay on a healing table. The energy therapist uses their hands on the body, near the body, or long distance (if the healer and the client are not in the same room) to sense where the energy is flowing and where blocks may be present.

In an energy therapy session, the therapist and client work together in a safe and supportive environment to release these blocks and achieve a greater sense of relaxation, well-being and flow.


Please note that energy therapy can be part of a comprehensive healing plan. It is not a replacement for psychotherapeutic or
modern medical treatments.

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